Spooner Boards are all about balance...


Once you perfect balance, any board sport will come easy.


So if your dream is to skateboard, surf, or snowboard then balance & coordination is essential.


The Spooner Board solves the biggest challenge new boarders face.... how to STOP THE BOARD from slipping while you figure out the steps!


Training on your Spooner Board builds muscle memory & CONFIDENCE so you can learn your board moves FASTER!


Practice moves for SKATE, WAKE, SURF & SNOWboarding - anywhere, anytime!


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The Spooner Board story...


​The Spooner Board was designed and is still FULLY manufactured in California USA.

The curve, size & shape creates the perfect combination to connect you with the feeling of all BOARD SPORTS!

It's an indestructible BALANCE BOARD that you can SPIN, FLIP, SLIDE, WOBBLE and more.  

Improves core stability, balance, coordination and gross-motor skills to TRULY PLAY WITH A PURPOSE!


The Spooner Board is FUN FOR ALL AGES and can be used as a workout product too - PERFECT for twisting CORE routines!


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What's your style?

FREESTYLE - Ages < 6 / < 120cm tall, or adults as a core fitness trainer 


PRO - Ages > 7 / > 120cm tall


YARDBOARD - for thrill seekers young & old, > 120cm tall​

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